Turn the complexities of the European marketplace

into a competitive advantage

Who we are

Experts in European Business Development

Over the last 20 years the founders and associates of Pointer Europe have successfully developed IT, fast-moving consumer goods, and consumer electronics businesses in Europe for more than 20 leading brands such as, amongst others, IBM, Altec Lansing, Plantronics, XtremeMac, Actiontec and, TDK, both in retail and B2B channels.

We recognized and addressed the need for simplifying business development in Europe.

We operate on your behalf as your European Sales and Marketing Division. We give you instant access to a network of specialized distributors, key retailers, integrators and e-tailers in all IT, fast-moving consumer goods, Pro-AV and consumer electronics channels.

A passionate and dedicated team of experts is available at affordable and variable costs for fast and sustainable revenue ramp-up.

What We Do

Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

The start-up process

You are up and running in 4 to 8 weeks:

1. Assess (2-3 weeks):

We get to understand your business, your strategy, your competitors, your ambitions, your means, and your constraints.

2. Plan (1-3 weeks):

Together, your team and us will establish priorities (products, countries, distribution channels, among others) and develop a simple and concrete sales and marketing plan.

3. Market & Sell (1-4 weeks):

We sign up distributors and retailers for your products and close first orders.

Full Business Support

Strengthen your team by adding outsourced resources in support of your business growth.

We tailor business support services to your needs:

  • Market research (qualitative & quantitative)
  • Local marketing programs, promotions, category management, and PR
  • Local Product Management Services
  • Local multi-lingual customer service
  • Local pricing management
  • Order entry and management
  • Product compliance services
  • Fiscal consulting services and Accountancy
  • Logistics consultancy and services

Your own European Branch

Your permanent presence in Europe, we function as your European office.

We tailor the right solution matching exactly your needs:

  • Local office: your European address
  • Local phone lines: multi-lingual answering with your name, 8 hours a day in the European time-zone
  • Local e-mail addresses: e-mails are handled in the 5 main European languages. Directly or translated for forwarding.
  • Localized website management: domain registry, web design, multi-lingual content management, and hosting.
  • Local reporting and administration work
  • Dedicated multi-lingual customer service
  • Multi-lingual first-level technical service
  • Outsourced logistics


Our partnerships are set up for the long term. We maintain existing customers while continuously improving your

distribution channels and penetrating new accounts to keep growing your business. We are your European sales team.

We keep generating demand for your products.

Why us?

Your success is our success

Pointer Europe offers you the easiest, fastest, and most

cost-competitive possibility to grow your business in Europe sustainably.

Partnering with Pointer Europe means:

  • Teaming up with experts
  • Leveraging existing relationships with key retailers, e-tailers, and distributors
  • Full European market coverage & penetration
  • Focus
  • Fast implementation
  • Quality of people
  • Marketing skill-sets
  • Know-how transfer
  • Tailor-made programs to your needs
  • Full flexibility
  • Low risks
  • Low setup costs
  • Variable cost model
  • Cost transparency & control
  • Simple logistics processes
  • Limited legal risks & liabilities

Maximizing return

on investment




Over the last 10 years we have built businesses for over 20 brands in Europe.

We generated an accumulated revenue of over $5 Billion for our partners, and

developed brands to an average yearly revenue of $3 million to $160 million.