we are about growing your business in Europe

looking for a partner to help you develop your European Business ?

• Long term partnership:

Our partnerships are set up for the long term. We maintain existing customers while continuously improving your distribution channels and penetrating new accounts to keep growing your business. We are your European sales team.

We keep generating demand for your products.

We operate on your behalf as your European Sales and Marketing Division. We give you instant access to a network of specialized distributors, key retailers and e-tailers in all IT, fast moving consumer goods and consumer electronics channels. A passionate and dedicated team of experts is available to you at affordable and variable costs for fast and sustainable revenue ramp-up.

• The start-up process – you are up and running in 4 to 8 weeks:

Step 1 (2-3 weeks):

assess - we get to understand your business, your strategy, your competitors, your ambitions, your means, your constraints.

Step 2 (1-3 weeks):

plan – together with your team we establish priorities (products, countries, distribution channels…etc) and develop a simple and concrete sales and marketing plan.

Step 3 (1-4 weeks):

market & sell – we sign up distributors and retailers for your products and close first orders.